Časoris in the Western Balkans

| 21. 06. 2024 | Projects

In many societies, including those in the Western Balkans, there is growing concern about misinformation.

The project connects individuals and organizations from nine countries:

In these countries, there are no media outlets for children, and in many places, there are no programs for implementing media literacy in schools, making children more susceptible to various disinformation campaigns.

At Časoris, as part of the projects Media Literacy for a Sustainable Future and KidsTrustNews, we have developed educational materials to help teachers incorporate journalism and media content into the school environment.

We will translate Časoris’ media literacy portal into English and three local languages and offer teachers ten lesson plans in English, Albanian, Macedonian, and Serbian.

As part of the project, we will organize two conferences in the fall to present the Časoris online newspaper for children and the lesson plans.

The conferences are intended for teachers and other interested individuals and organizations.

The conference in Podgorica will be on October 2, and it will be intended for teachers from the Western Balkan countries. The conference in Sofia will be on October 23, targeting English language teachers from the region, especially those from Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.

We expect approximately 60 participants at each conference. The primary goal of both is to bring together teachers and share knowledge and experiences.

During the conference, we will present the five online training modules developed for teachers and other interested professionals and conduct various workshops to facilitate the usage of our materials.

In the end, teachers will be equipped with enough knowledge to test the materials in their classrooms and suggest possible improvements.

Additionally, we aim to promote transparency, accuracy, and respect for media ethics, which will significantly contribute to improving and strengthening resilience against misinformation.

Furthermore, we seek to establish new partnerships with local organizations, with which we will be able to raise awareness about media literacy and the dangers of misinformation in the future.

The project is funded the State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana.