Europe and the world

Evropa in svet. Ilustracija: Urška Stropnik Šonc

Europe and the world

The content section Europe and English-speaking countries contains lesson plans related to life in the European Union and English-speaking countries around the world.

English-speaking countries is currently an available lesson plan.

In the future, we will supplement it with new lesson plans.


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English-speaking countries

During the class, students learn: basic information about English-speaking countries, practice skills in cooperative learning, and present what they have learned to other students in the class. 


  • Countries: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, Canada, Australia, The United States of America 
  • Continents: Europe, North America, Australia  
  • Capital cities: London, Dublin, Ottawa, Canberra, Washington, D.C. 
  • English language  


Mojca Kacjan, Elementary School Polzela, Slovenia


Peculiarities of English-speaking countries

This lesson can be carried out in any of the following

  • an English lesson, or
  • a class hour (homeroom)


2nd Triad (4th–6th grade)

90 min

Published: 7. 8. 2023

Starting points for class discussion

  • Can you recognize a country flag? Do you also know its capital city?
  • Based on the listed countries, can you find out what they have in common (perhaps also how they differ)?






Crayons and other pens

A printed text

Drawing sheets

Statement sheets

A box for statements

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