Online and offline life

Spletno in resnično življenje. Ilustracija: Urška Stropnik Šonc

Online and offline life

The content section Online and offline life contains lesson plans that address social networks, influencers, and new earning opportunities that were unknown to generations before the emergence of the modern form of the web, addressing topics at a time when the physical and digital are intertwined.

A lesson plan on Influencers is currently available.

In the future, we will supplement the section with new lesson plans.


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Students will be able to identify and analyze the impact of influencers on society and their own lives.


  • influencer
  • to influence
  • celebrity
  • social media following
  • platform


Rebecca Svetina


Hate connects – online influencers know this well

This lesson can be carries out in any of the following

  • an English lesson,
  • a class hour (homeroom), or
  • a sociology or ethics lesson.

Consider team teaching or having the school’s guidance counselor/social worker participate.


3rd Triad (7th–9th grade)

45 min

Published: 7. 8. 2023

Starting points for class discussion

  • What is an influencer?
  • Do you follow any influencers? If so, who, on which platform, and why?
  • Have you ever heard of Andrew Tate? If so, who is he? Is he a good influence?

Optional video: Who is Andrew Tate? 






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