Reading and writing

Branje in pisanje. Ilustracija: Urška Stropnik Šonc

Reading and writing

The content section Reading and writing contains a lesson plan that explains the role of handwriting and reading.


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Reading and writing

Writing is an important skill even today. It excercises various skills, develops the brain, persistence, concentration and, last but not least, aesthetics.


  • Handwriting
  • Lowercase print or cursive letters
  • Uppercase print or cursive letters
  • Lowercase fonts
  • Capital letters
  • (signed) signature
  • Positive and negative personal traits


Mateja Jankovič Čurič, Elementary school Artiče, Slovenia


Writing forces us to persevere

This lesson can be carries out in any of the following

  • an English lesson,
  • another foreign language lesson, or
  • a class hour (homeroom) – one school hour is enough.


3rd Triad (7th–9th grade)

45 min or 90 min

Published: 7. 8. 2023

Starting points for class discussion

  • The importance of handwriting
  • Why handwriting is disappearing
  • Why is it important to write legibly and aesthetically
  • How and why our handwriting differs from each other
  • Which types of handwriting do we know, when do students typically learn them, and why doesn’t everyone know how to use them anymore
  • Attitude towards oneself and towards others







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