Ilustracija: Urška Stropnik Šonc
Ilustracija: Urška Stropnik Šonc

How to read and understand the news

For beginners • 90 min

How do journalists work and why are the media important for democracy?

  • How is news made?
  • Which news is worth publishing?
  • How do we respond to the news?
  • What is the role of the media in democratic societies?
Ilustracija: Urška Stropnik Šonc

How to identify fake news

For beginners • 90 min

Why is it important to identify fake news and prevent its spread?

  • How do we identify fake news and other deceptions?
  • Why does fake news spread so easily?
  • Why do we fall for them?
Ilustracija: Urška Stropnik Šonc

Journalism classroom

For beginners • 90 min

How can your classroom become an editorial office?

  • How to strengthen students’ journalistic skills?
  • How to encourage critical thinking about the news?
  • How to produce credible news?
  • How is news structured?
  • What is the language in the news?
Ilustracija: Urška Stropnik Šonc

Journalism, media and artificial intelligence

For beginners • 90 min

How to identify content that was created with artificial intelligence?

  • How is artificial intelligence changing the media landscape?
  • How do its creators manipulate emotions?
  • What pitfalls does AI set?
Ilustracija: Urška Stropnik Šonc

Tools for identifying fake news

For beginners • 45 min

What tools are available to identify this type of content?

  • videos
  • leaflets
  • posters
  • manual
  • computer games

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